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Sinfimasa presents a solution for dosing very fine, explosive bulk solids, in this case active ingredients of medicines.

In a practical situation, dosing of 300 litres per hour of micronised bulk product (active ingredients of medicines) was required. As the substance was explosive, a machine with ATEX GAS 1 certification was provided.

Sinfimasa designed a stainless steel 316 tube screw feeder, suitable for ATEX zone 1 (2G). A screw of 70 mm and a tube of 80 mm were chosen, so that there is a large clearance. The screw is driven by a 0.75 kW ATEX certified motor gearbox.

All parts that may come into contact with the product, such as seals, plastics, grease, etc., are FDA-compliant thanks to the hygienic, easy-to-clean design.

The product itself is a sticky product, so the tube is manufactured with a glossy polished (g220) inner surface and an industrial satin matt outer surface.

In accordance with directive 2014/34/EU, equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must be designed with a view to integrating explosion protection. These protective measures designed and implemented by Sinfimasa will be documented in a technical file kept by a competent authority in order to:

  • prevent the generation or release of explosive atmospheres by equipment and protective systems themselves;
  • prevent the ignition of explosive atmospheres, taking into account the nature of any electrical or non-electrical source of ignition;
  • if an explosion does occur which may, directly or indirectly, endanger persons, domestic animals or property, be able to halt it immediately or reduce the area affected by the flame and the pressure produced by the explosion to a sufficient level of safety.

The instrumentation of the screw (e.g. temperature, rotation and anti-clogging sensors), the drive (SEW ATEX gas motor gearbox) and the design of the screw ensure the suitability of the machine for the area in which it will be used in accordance with the applicable standards.

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