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Corporate policy

Integrated Management System

Design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for the transport and elevation of solids.

The Corporate Policy of SINFINES Y MAQUINARIA, S.A. is the framework for establishing the targets for improving the Integrated Management System and includes quality management, the environment, occupational hazards prevention and corporate social responsibility:

  1. Ability to adapt the product to the customer’s requirements
  2. Machine and service reliability
  3. Fast, on-time deliveries
  4. Technical advice during the machine configuration process
  5. Low machine maintenance cost
  6. Fast, personalised service
  7. Guarantee of occupational health, safety and well-being
  8. Commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  9. Respect for the environment throughout the production process
  10. Excellence in products and services and a vocation for continuous improvement
  11. Compliance with applicable legal requirements

The management of SINFINES Y MAQUINARIA, S.A. promotes this Corporate Policy to ensure its distribution and application in all related internal and external areas of the organisation

Miquel Viles