Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors —or Archimedes screws— designed by Sinfimasa for each project are characterised by their heavy-duty build and reliability to ensure optimum operation in any situation and when transporting bulk solids. They also have low maintenance costs and stand out thanks to the quality of the materials used and that of the components by leading international makes.

Our technical office dimensions each conveyor and adapts it to the customers’ and engineering companies’ project according to specifications, the solid to be transported and its specifications. A screw conveyor for every need.

For example, we design and manufacture screw conveyors with anti-wear materials and slow working speeds to avoid premature wear when working with demanding aggregates and minerals. We also include ATEX certification for working in classified hazardous and explosive areas, or coreless screw conveyors for slurries of varying density and moisture that tend to stick together. The bodies can be either trough or tubular and of any type of steel and finish to meet the specifications of each particular customer.

The bodies, threads or propellers and shafts are manufactured with all the qualities of steel available on the market: Hardox, carbon steel, AISI-304/316L stainless steel and super stainless steel, etc.

For sectors such as the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we design and manufacture screw conveyors for fine dosing and high production, with a hygienic design in compliance with FDA requirements. We also equip and certify them according to ATEX regulations for dust and gas.

All our screw conveyors can be fitted with filling, speed and overload sensors. Depending on the material to be handled, we equip them with specific components such as polyethylene bottoms, sliding plates, carbon steels, anti-wear and stainless steel.

The most common finishes include pickling, passivation, galvanising and zinc plating, as well as painting according to the environment in which the equipment is to operate (primer and polyurethane finish, with the RAL to be chosen by the customer).

Sinfimasa designs and manufactures screw conveyors specifically for each project, providing users with performance, reliability and safety. A screw conveyor for any bulk solid, including yours. We design and manufacture with the utmost rigour and our experience in various countries on five continents is our guarantee. Consult us about your project and we will provide you with a solution.