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Solutions for the recycling and environmental sector


We design and manufacture screw conveyors dimensioned to adapt to the design of solid waste recycling plants, where we have outstanding experience in PVC chippings.

We also design coreless conveyors to carry products of varying density and moisture content owing to their behaviour.

We manufacture AISI-304/316L stainless steel bodies and cradles with HD-1000 polyethylene bottoms or sliding plates.

Special steel thread ST-52.3


We manufacture chain conveyors for compost, solid urban waste, alternative fuels, cellulose and aluminium bricks with double chain and plastic or metal shovel depending on the product to be transported.

The bodies or external structure of the conveyor are usually made of AISI-304/316L stainless steel and the chains are made of carbon steel with anti-wear blades; however, we always adapt the design to our customers’ specific requirements and the product to be transported.


The coreless conveyor is the best solution for all types of products that tend to stick together or are irregular (wet, viscous, fibrous, etc.) and have varying densities.

These hollow-shaft conveyors have certain specifications that clearly differentiate them from traditional conveyors, as the spiral rests on a friction bed that can be made of high-resistance polyethylene or anti-wear steel.

As they do not have an internal axle, they can transport products of different shapes and sizes and are ideal for the solid urban and industrial waste industry, water purification and composting, etc.