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Solutions for the biomass sector


At Sinfimasa, we customise the size of our conveyors for each type of product in the environmental sector: woodchips, pellets, soya husks, fertilisers and dust collected in filter bags, etc. We adapt them 100% to the technical requirements of the material, e.g. we manufacture coreless screw conveyors for slurries of variable density and humidity using special ST-52.3 steel.

The bodies can be either trough or tube and made of any type of steel, the most common being AISI-304/316L stainless steel.

ATEX Certification for Dust(D) and Gas(G)


We design and manufacture advanced elevators to move pellets, sawdust, compost, substrates and humus, adapting them to the specifications of the material, the environmental and working conditions of the plant, fitting them with logs for easy inspection and maintenance and metal or technical plastic buckets.

We equip our elevators according to ATEX certification for Dust(D) and Gas(G).

Sinfimasa’s elevators have carefully designed projection and unloading to empty the bucket and eliminate product return.


Sinfimasa designs and manufactures chain conveyors for the treatment and handling of wood shavings, sawdust and compost, etc. of up to 60 metres in length and with variable geometries (Z, L) depending on installation requirements.

The bodies are usually made of AISI-304/316L stainless steel and the chain is made of carbon steel with anti-wear blades. The guide system is made of technical plastic.

We also manufacture chain-plate conveyors with plastic scrapers for cleaning.