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Solutions for the aggregates and minerals sector


Sinfimasa designs and manufactures heavy-duty screw conveyors with HB-400 anti-wear materials and slow working speeds to avoid premature wear and ensure minimum maintenance.

Our Archimedes screws are strong and reliable for conveying all types of aggregates and minerals and are at the fore in materials such as calcium carbonate, potassium, sodium, cements, sands, quartz, marble, mortar and gypsum, etc.

ATEX Dust(D) and Gas(G) certification for products such as coal.

In addition to guaranteeing smooth operation, our machines offer the benefit of low maintenance costs and readily available components from leading makes.


Industrial elevators for belt or chain productions of up to 500 t/h with metal buckets and reinforced anti-wear.

This is a heavy-duty elevator with an advanced design for calcium carbonate quarries, potassium, mortar, clay and aggregate treatment plants and offers carefully designed projection and unloading to empty the bucket and eliminate product return. We adapt the elevator to the specifications of the product to be conveyed, the required performance and work and installation conditions: size, height, number and type of buckets, materials and loading and unloading formats, etc.

We manufacture the elevators with hermetically sealed tops and bottoms. All the components are leading universal makes, which means reliable machines with low maintenance costs.


Redler conveyors are used to transport any type of material over long distances.

Our conveyors are at work in clay quarries, aggregate treatment plants and quartz, marble and calcium carbonate quarries. Their advantage is not only their heavy-duty build and reliability, but also their low noise pollution and low maintenance.

Manufactured with a single or double body in carbon steel, with a special forged and cemented chain for transporting abrasive materials, made of carbon steel with anti-wear blades and suitable for granulometries of up to 50 mm.