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Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors

SINFIMASA designs and manufactures chain conveyors for the high-performance transport of bulk solids over long distances reliably and safely. These conveyors are also known as Redler-type conveyors, named after the manufacturer who designed the first machine.

Our conveyors are at work in every sector and offer the benefits of being heavy-duty, reliable, low-maintenance and safe, as the risk of trapping is eliminated thanks to a hermetically sealed box that also avoids contamination of the environment.

Manufactured with a single or double body in carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanised, etc. and with a special forged or flat chain for the transport of abrasive materials and suitable for different granulometries.

We also manufacture chain conveyors for the transport of wood chips, pellets and compost, etc. of up to 60 metres in length and variable geometries (Z, L) depending on installation requirements. The bodies are usually made of AISI-304/316L stainless steel, galvanised in carbon steel, and the chain is chosen according to the product to be transported. The design takes into account a guide system to avoid premature wear of the support guides and ensure correct operation.

For the food sector, SINFIMASA manufactures conveyors for products that have specific technical requirements in terms of handling, such as sugar, for which we equip and certify our chain conveyors according to ATEX regulations.

We design our chain conveyors according to FDA regulations to comply with hygiene and food safety requirements and we also fit them with inspection and cleaning logs.

Pioneers in ATEX certification for chain conveyors for the transport of bulk solids, we design and manufacture Redlers for additives, iron oxides, manganese, zinc, sulphur and any other material that involves special handling difficulties.

We also manufacture chain conveyors for compost, solid urban waste, alternative fuels, cellulose and aluminium bricks with a double chain and a plastic or metal shovel depending on the product to be transported.

Sinfimasa designs and manufactures specific screw conveyors for each project. Consult us about yours and we will provide you with a solution.