The "Industrial" model bucket elevators to elevate: cement, mortar, plaster, aggregates, fertilisers... are an essential element for transporting material vertically to a height of various metres using the least possible physical space and at the same time in a safe and quick way.

It is an elevator with an advanced design, with a very detailed projection and unloading system to make it easy to empty the bucket, without any product backflow.

The band is of the highest quality, as are all the other elements, and with a well designed tension to avoid problems of maintenance and the band becoming slack, giving the machine excellent reliability.

SINFIMASA has a wide range of bucket elevators according to the performance you need and the material you are using.

We have over 30 years' experience.



  • Elevator head and foot completely airtight
  • Activated by the head
  • Tensioning system by the foot
  • Completely welded independent bodies
  • Regulator body with sight hole
  • Axles sealed by stuffing box
  • No backward slide on head axle
  • Head bearings SKF-SNL-22.000
  • Foot bearings INA-OBT. "R"
  • F-114 axles
  • Band covered with anti-abrasive or anti-hermetic 150ºC rubber
  • Metallic band
  • Patterned buckets of various thicknesses. (Metallic, PVC, Stainless Steel and nylon)
  • Flat pulley on head or self-cleaning
  • Self-cleaning pulley (captive) on foot
  • Maintenance platform on head
  • Caged ladder incorporated
  • Rotation detector
  • Silent functioning
  • Independent tubes
  • Made of galvanised or stainless steel black sheet.

All these characteristics make our elevators the most robust, reliable and efficient machines for your company.




1 10
2 Especial
3 30
4 Especial
5 50-80
6 100
7 Especial
8 100 a 200
9 300
10 450